Before you begin your Application

Quick Reference List:
1. Read Instructions Below.
2. Prospective grant applicants must contact the Executive Director of the Foundation prior to submitting a grant application. 617.312.3400
3. Compile ALL of the information and attachments that are required for the application
4. Fill out and submit digital application (FSHF will send a confirmation email upon receiving the digital application)
5. Print auto response email and attachments and send hard copy to Franklin Square House Foundation (If you do not receive an auto response please check your SPAM folder.)

Before you begin to fill out the application, please review the criteria on our website for what the foundation does and does not fund on the guidelines page. Take the time to answer the application questions clearly and succinctly; the foundation members read each application very carefully before setting up a site visit.

Even if you are reapplying for a grant, you need to follow the current guidelines and instructions listed here and in the guidelines section of this website.

Important: Please review the application form and compile ALL of the answers and information that you need before you begin filling out the form, including attachments as requested. You need to fill out the entire form in one sitting, as there is no way to save the document and return to it at a later time.

Once you have completed and submitted the application electronically, you will receive an auto response e-mail containing the submitted application.

Please print out two hard copies of the auto response email, including all corresponding attachments. Attachments should be appropriately labeled to match the application (for example: Attachment #1). One hard copy (including attachments) should be sent to the Franklin Square House Foundation PO Box 78037 Belmont, MA 02478 (this is in addition to the electronic version previously submitted). The second hard copy (including attachments) should be retained for your organizational files.

The hard copy of the Childcare application (and all attachments) should be in the possession of the Franklin Square House Foundation by July 17, 2019. The address of the foundation is a P.O. Box and cannot accept FedEx envelopes, so please plan accordingly. You may use overnight mail at the post office.

Mail one complete hard copy (including attachments) to:
Franklin Square House Foundation, P.O. Box 78037, Belmont, MA 02478